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GSM CHOICE is the Internet GSM service. It provides reliable, timely information about novelties on the GSM market.

One day, the company decided to create a department that would deal with creating applications for on iPhones and iPads, and so was born the GSM CHOICE GAMES. A team consisting of several young, enthusiastic people, with heads full of ideas, who want to create applications that would conquer the world: D

After a hard day’s work, everyone has the desire to de-stress, away from everyday life, and nothing relaxes better than a good game. In the mad rush of 21th century we don’t have usually a lot of time, but thanks to mobile devices, we can awaken the child inside us everywhere, even on the way to work, while waiting at the doctor is or on the sofa in the store when the beloved one is trying on another piece clothing.

Fascinated by these possibilities, we decided to add something from us and share our ideas, to take a break from reality.

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