As you probably noticed, a new entry hasn’t appeared for a long time. This is because we worked hard on new innovations and modifications to existing applications. It’s time for a brief summary

Over the last few weeks we have been developing our application Battle on the Sea.
Update to version 1.2 has included a game with the the German language location.
Update 2.0 introduced several new features in the application:

- selection of the fleet (small or large vessels),

- optional re-shot when you hit the enemy ship,

- possibility of setting ships on tiled (adjacent) fields,

- disclosing the location of not sunken ships at the end of the game.

In addition, the game has been enriched with the historical names of the ships and the Spanish language location.
Update 2.2 has brought the French location.

We have also refreshed the Pen Soccer game, and managed to significantly reduce the size of installation file – you can download it faster and it takes up less space! We added the Russian version, which has gained its own distinct logo of the game. In the configuration it was possible to hide the hint of movement.


Both applications have been adapted for iPad 3 Retina display.

Thank you all so that we can exist among such a large number of competing applications. Thanks to you we can enjoy another success – Battleships for iPad is now in 9 place in the Russian AppStore!

I assure you – it is not our last word!